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Who is the man behind the brows ??

Tony was born on 30th July 1970. (Birthday cards and donations always gratefully accepted). We're still not sure how this was managed as his parents already had two almost teenage children, had vowed not to have any more and were probably not even talking to each other by this stage. Tony vigorously denies any resemblance to the milkman. Mind you, so does his Mum. We are reliably informed by Tony's Mum that he didn't smile at anyone for at least the first three years of his life; however, anyone referring to him these days as "Churchill" is liable to be lunchboxed. Home life was very smooth, as the whole family was brought closer together by the fact that they all agreed that Tony was a pain in the rear end. Although his older brother and sister left home as soon as they could, Tony denies that this had anything to do with him. We do know for a fact it couldn't have been anything to do with 'musical' row as he still couldn't play a note at this stage.

Musical life started when, at the age of 18, he discovered that the item of furniture he had been using as extra clothes storage space was in fact a piano. His Mum had spent 16 years trying to tell him this; she has spent the years since wishing she had left his clothes on it. After various attempts at something vaguely musical, Tony started playing drums in a local band. He was offered the keyboard player's job in this band when they finally worked up the courage to tell him he was a crap drummer. His keyboard playing wasn't much better but at least they managed to avoid offending him. Although when Tony reads this........ After this first band finally managed to get rid of him with a plausible excuse, Tony got dragged in to play in a Doors tribute band when tribute bands were a rarity; in fact there were only a dozen in the country at the time. Playing with these made Tony realise he had to learn how to play properly. He left after failing to do this.

He then went on to try to set up a recording studio with a chap called Mark Daghorn, and write, record and remix with him. He failed at this too. But only after trying to do it for 8 years. However, out of this period came The Positive Light and The Silent Buddhas, names that will be familiar to Marillion and Fish fans. Nobody else gives a toss, though. After writing, recording and touring with Fish on his "Raingods With Zippos" album and world tour, Tony noticed that he was running out of people he could con into letting him work for them; although he does session work reasonably regularly these days, we notice he doesn't get asked back very often. We think this is the main reason he decided to go solo. If anybody has bothered to read this far, we can also tell you that at various stages in his musical career, Tony has been known by the nicknames of "Teapot", "Crispin Dry", "Tumbledown" and "Bugger Off". At least, that last one was what he was called at one audition he turned up to. We've put these in because we know he doesn't like to be reminded and people can now aggravate him by calling him any one of these.

We would like to point out that all the opinions contained herein are deliberately libellous, and any resemblance to persons living or deceased is entirely intentional.