Updated: 10/04/08
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Tony Himself

Well, nobody really gives a toss about him anyway. If you're REALLY bothered though, you can always read his biog elsewhere on this site.

Jason Bangalot

A true Fat Man Of Pop, Jason owns and runs Jester Studios in Colchester with his finance manager/landlord Pete Drunkalot. An engineer/producer par excellence, if you don't like the sound of "Fragmented" then it's Jason's fault. Jason gets out and about gigging as well in a local duo. Don't let the fact that he only gets booked in the seediest places fool you; he is really much, much worse than that. We would like it to be known that as he has got tattoos, he must be 'hard'. Apart from his belly, of course, which is quite soft and bouncy. If you don't believe us ladies, give it a try. Actually, we think his skin was drawn on to his tattoos rather than the other way round. If you want a good recording done at a reasonable price, you can e-mail him. However, if you want it to stay good then don't let J get Tony in to do session keyboards on it. And yes, Bangalot IS his real name.

Jon Miller

Well, what can be said about this man's qualities? Nothing printable, obviously. Jon has worked in the guitar trade for many years; as stock manager of the UK importing arm of Gibson guitars it would be fair to say that practically every single Gibson guitar that is sold in the UK has passed through his hands. So yes, it's his fault. A man famously known as "Billy Lost Weekend", he remains the only guy Tony knows who can say to his other half on a Friday afternoon "I'm just popping out for some cigarettes" and then not remember anything else in between then and waking up on Felixstowe beach on Sunday morning covered in Kentucky Fried Chicken. Jon was still single up until a short while ago when the now Mrs Miller took pity on him.

Rich Harding

Ah, the Website Man (quite literally, doing sitey things is his day job). Where you can test the qualities of his editing to see if he lets Tony get away with being rude about him or if there’s just a big blank empty space underneath this. The man who is responsible for making sure TT is sheltered from horrible things like internet porn sites by intercepting their wares and checking them first to make sure they’re safe to come through. TT doesn't receive very much mail...

Diane T

Diane is TT's other (and better) half. She provides most of the news and updates for the site. Diane is never wrong. Diane is always right (well, she is female). Diane provides TT with a home, support, and a life to which he is becoming accustomed. We Do Not Argue with Diane. As she is lovely. And liable to be reading this at some point.