Updated: 10/04/08
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Tony Turrell - Fragmented

Hello all who have chosen to investigate this wonderful new addition to the CD Racks of Fame :-)

Track Listing (MP3 samples in yellow):

1. The start (5.05)
2. Almost yesterday (7.06)
3. Drunk again (3.11)
4. Your love is an illusion (4.43)
5. Southbank Boogie (3.44)
6. Trust (18.11)
  i. give me a reason (6.24)
  ii. watching over you (3.05)
  iii. tell me I'm wrong (8.42)

7. The theme to the end (4.40)

How to Order

You can order albums & singles by PayPal - as I don't want Tony's e-mail address harvested by spammers, click here to find out what it is! Alternatively, if you would rather pay by sending either cash, cheque or postal order, please e-mail Tony for his address.


The cost for the album, and worth every first born, is now £5 (plus p&p).

Please include:

  • The number of copies you require to a maximum of 300 (postage will go up dramatically!);
  • A return Postal Address so you get to hear your well-spent £5.00;
  • A tip for the Envelope Licker.

Your Purchased Listening CD will be with you an estimated 4 days from payment clearance.

Failing that you could always go round Tony's place, take him a bottle of 15yr old malt and a Chinese meal for 3 people and he may give you a free copy.

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